In the Clutches of Darkness


A party of fresh faced adventurers were hired by the Lord Warden Faren Markelhay in Fallcrest to clear out Kobold Hall and stop the little pests from hassling travellers on the Kings Road. What began as a relatively routine job became considerably more complex when it turned out the kobolds were in the thrall of a young white dragon. The dragon was dispatched after an epic struggle, but not before screaming an ominous threat: “The dark lady will return and you will all know pain and suffering as you have never before!” Overcome with concern about these words, the group asked around town for anyone who could guess what these words could mean. They were pointed in the direction of Winterhaven where dragon expert Douven Stall lived.

After arriving at Winterhaven they found Douven in trouble and quickly dispatched his captors. When asked about the white dragons mysterious threat, Douven promised to do some research and tell them what he found out, but only if they ventured into the derelict ruins just outside of Winterhaven and dealt with whatever darkness was gathering there. After overhearing his captors’ talking about “Irontooth” and “Kalarel” in the Keep on the Shadowfell he has reason to believe something bad is going there.

The group agreed and ventured into the keeps dungeon, confirming that goblins are present after being attacked by a group of them.


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